8mm Film Transfer & DVD Duplication

8mm film, Super 8mm film and 16mm film converted to DVD and USB

Home movies have never looked better! Bring your old footage out of storage and have them converted to DVD for the whole family to enjoy. That’s Entertainment’s procedure results in a “no-flicker” picture that is equal to the original film’s quality.

Photo Restoration

Our service is a true frame by frame conversion. It is 100% flicker free, achieves very sharp results thanks to our advanced Full HD system. We can convert regular 8mm and Super 8mm as well as 16mm. Sound films can also be converted in full sync with the images.

Our procedure is thorough and meticulous:

    • film is carefully cleaned and spliced and repaired as required
    • film is transferred frame by frame to computer as AVI video files (not projected)
    • unwanted sections of film are edited out (black or white blanks, frames that are burnt, over-exposed, under-exposed or out-of-focus images)
    • colour & exposure corrections made where possible
    • film with sound is edited to play at a natural speed thereby eliminating the “Chipmunk” effect and audio is synchronized with the image
    • music, narration, titles or captions may be added to silent film
    • DVD may be divided into chapters
    • finished product is transferred to a master DVD (custom label printed directly to disc) and a full-sized case with an attractive personalized cover
    • additional copies are available at very reasonable rates
    • original film transfers can be saved as AVI or MP4 files on a client’s external hard drive for future editing

Sample of 8mm film transfer to digital format

Tribute Videos

A “tribute video” is a gift of memories that will be treasured for years to come. Designed to commemorate the life of a loved one for funerals, memorials or other events; this video creation is also a perfect gift for a birthday, graduation, anniversary or retirement.

At That’s Entertainment, we convert family photos, negatives and slides to a DVD. Images segue through special effects and music is synchronized to every picture. We can even add home movie video clips for additional “story telling”.

The length of the final product depends entirely on the amount of material provided. A good guideline to calculate the average playing time is ten pictures per minute. If video clips are included the playing time would be extended by the length of the clips.

Charlie Chaplin 3 min. Short Film.
Recorded and edited on VHS in 1992. Winner of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

Domestic Conversions

The following formats of video tape are transferrable to DVD or USB flash drive:
BETA, VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, VIDEO 8mm, Hi8, Digital Hi8, mini DV.

International Conversions

International conversions of DVD, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 and mini DV in the PAL format are available. PAL videos can be transferred to the NTSC format for North American Television.

BETA, VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, VIDEO 8mm, Hi8, Digital Hi8, mini DV

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