Thank you for your GREAT service:

"I just wanted to pass on a note to say thank you. Over a year ago, you helped us put our memories together. And I just wanted to share your company with everyone on my blog as a thank you. You can read it here www.thebrightersideyyc.com/2012/02/memories-for-lifetime.html."- All the best,
Christina Rowsell

Tribute Video for father's 65th Birthday:

"Dad was so touched by the video and so very impressed with how well you had captured the essence of his life that he was left speechless and teary-eyed after watching it, as were many people in the hall that night. He did evaluate your masterpiece the best by saying "if 100% is perfection, then this movie was at least 110%". That couldn't be more true. Manfred, through your professionalism, hard work and true feeling for the work that you do the movie was the "icing on the cake" for the special occasion. So many people asked where we got such an impressive piece of work done and it was a good thing that I'd taken along your business cards. I can't thank you enough for the most excellent work that you did for us."- J.D. and W.T.

Family Memories and "This is your Life" memorial video for father:

". . . . I suspect this video will give him much pleasure in the last days of his life. We too have enjoyed it and appreciated it immensely. I must confess, I have watched it six times now and feel like going to look at it again. You have done your job very well; it has made us roar with laughter and brought plenty of tears.
The more I watch it, the more I realise what an incredible job you have done. You truly captured the essence of the family. You were brilliant at matching music with the mood and selecting the right clips and photos to tell our family's story. Thank you so much. I am fortunate that I found you and followed my instinct after we talked."- B.W.

Wedding Video:

"We watched the wedding extravaganza and we were not disappointed. Your work is art! Brilliant, creative, polished craftwork are words that come to mind now as I thing back to the video. You did a superb job and everyone who gets a copy is going to treasure those memories, I'm sure. Wow! That's pretty much what I'm left with. Wow, what a great job you did."- T. and J.P.

50th Wedding Anniversary Tribute Video:

"Thank you . . . not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but the way you did it. The video, music & poems tugged our heart strings. You are a special craftsman.
This gift will be cherished by all who receive it! Blessings."- D. and D.F.

Mother's 80th Birthday tribute video:

"I just wanted to say "thank-you very much". The way you grouped the pictures was very appropriate. I hope my Mum will be pleased - I certainly am."- P.G.

40th Birthday tribute video for husband:

"Thanks so very much for a gift that will touch our hearts for a lifetime.Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Thanks again."
- Y.V.

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