About Manfred Huesken

That’s Entertainment Video has been making memories since 1978, when Manfred Huesken’s film hobby became his career. With a rare combination of creativity and technical savvy, That’s Entertainment can film and edit special events that you would like to have recorded. What is so unique about That’s Entertainment, is the creations that come out of quiet observations and attention to little details. Manfred goes about recording raw footage in the most unassuming and quiet manner which makes the final result all the more sublime. He records little moments within the hustle and bustle of the day that participants may never even notice, let alone be able to recall later.

Whether it’s creating a special “tribute video”, editing and transferring home video to DVD or USB flash drive, restoring photos or transferring audio to CD, That’s Entertainment brings the same care and attention to everything they do.

All work is done in house. Orders are not shipped East or to the U.S. for processing.


Manfred Huesken in his Studio

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