Videography Services

Along with professional editing and filming on location, That’s Entertainment is proud to offer a wide range of technical and artistic services in the audio-visual realm.

We take great care to ensure the best possible outcome with regard to our projects. Old film stock, video footage, photographs, negatives or audio recordings are handled with care. As needed stock is thoroughly cleaned, cropped, touched up, synchronized and thoughtfully and systematically edited for quality and artistry.

Should you have a project in mind not specifically cited in our list of basic services below, feel free to contact us. We will apply our technical and artistic capabilities to try and accommodate your request.

8mm Film Transfer


    • 8mm, Super 8, 16mm to DVD or USB flash drive
    • Photos, slides, negatives to CD (slide show)
    • Photos, slides, negatives to DVD (video)
    • Videos to DVD (Video tapes, VHS, Beta, Camcorder tapes...)


    • CD, DVD, VHS


    • International-North American (PAL, SECAM, NTSC)
    • Video clips to AVI or MP4
    • Audio recordings to CD

Filming on Location

    • Hockey games, football games…
    • Theatrical events, dance recitals, special events
    • Graduations, Retirements…
    • Corporate and promotional materials

Professional Editing

    • “red eye” removal
    • colour enhancement
    • lightening or darkening
    • cropping

Photo Restoration


Photo Restoration


Photo Restoration

Visit our price list for a comprehensive detailing of services and rates or contact us for further information or to place an order.
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